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What services can we provide for you?

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Consulting Services

We offer specialized consultancy services covering all aspects of fleet management in optimal conditions: from the stage of audit of the fleet state up to the development of cost control strategies to achieve performance in mobility according to your needs.

Optimization Services

Optimization Services

We provide support services to the main stakeholders involved in the work of the fleet for getting the most efficient solutions in achieving the objectives: Driver Safety, Mileage Control, Cost Cutting.

Fleet Services

Fleet Services

Globexpert can provide you a package of fleet services, tailored to your needs and market requirements.


solutii complete pentru administrarea flotei

Complete solutions for fleet management

transparenta si controlul costurilor

Cost control and transparency

training si suport specializat pentru nevoile soferilor

Training and support for drivers needs

instrumente si solutii strategice pentru administrarea flotei 1

Fleet management strategic solutions and tools

Providing costs transparency on each segment of activity. Offer an accurate value of operational costs. Having knowhow in the areas of activity with the greatest savings potential, paying attention to the safety and satisfaction of users. Providing unique expertise that cannot be at hand of the customer, which has a completely different type of business.

Our Clients

We manage for our clients various types of fleets between 3 and over 500 cars, doesn’t matter if the fleet is purchased or leased. We have the necessary experience to provide the best solutions for our clients.

We offer consulting services and other support services for finding the optimal solutions when is about choosing a purchased or leased fleet, cutting costs and processes optimization.

Unique Supplier

In each local market there are different solutions and suppliers. The challenge for each fleet is to find the perfect solution, from the most competitive suppliers. This search always means a risk because usually only a constant and extended practice gives you a complete and up-to-date vision of the performance solutions. It is usually difficult to find an integrated solution locally that will bring together all the solutions you need from a single supplier, to a high standard of performance.

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Local Suppliers

The best local offers from the best performing suppliers.

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International Suppliers

Leading international suppliers, leader in their field of activity.

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Only One Contact Point

The advantage of working with a single supplier, who can provide all the necessary services.

Integrate Solutions

There is always an interest in getting the best solutions to the problems you encounter in your activity. But experience shows that the identification of these solutions takes time and resources and the solutions must be adapted every time to the specifics of each fleet, having into account multiple factors specific to each market in our geographical area.


We have gained this experience being involved in many fleet management projects in Southeastern Europe but also being a part of global fleet management projects.


Our advantage is the international knowhow combined with a long experience on the local fleet market .

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Fleet Management
We take over the entire fleet management activity
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GPS Solutions
Full GPS monitoring solutions

Fuel Consumption

Fuel Consumption
Fuel consumption management

Defensive Driving

Defensive Driving
Complete safety and defensive driving courses

Route Optimization

Route Optimization
Route optimization for cutting costs and increase the productivity

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Specialized support for various fleet projects

Why to work with us?

Having extensive experience in the field of fleet management, we have developed a series of service packages that offer efficient solutions to our clients. This is how we managed to bring locally some of the best working tools in this domain, to adapt to local requirements and their integration into a complete fleet management service.

So, for all your needs we offer you a single point of contact. Thus, you will have more time for your business duties.

Our main goal is to ensure the fleet mobility in optimal conditions with adequate resources, in a controlled and transparent way of costs and operations.

Local Market Know-How

Local Market Know-How

International Experience

International Experience



Transparent Communication

Transparent Communication

Innovation & Efficiency

Innovation & Efficiency

Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement