Fleet Management Consulting Services

Expertise and personalized solutions for your fleet

We offer specialized consultancy services covering all aspects of fleet management in optimal conditions:

from the stage of audit of the fleet state up to the development of cost control strategies to achieve performance in mobility according to your needs.

Fleet Audit

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Fleet audit is an independent and objective evaluation activity of your fleet management efficiency, following the areas where we can increase the performance.


Following a complete analysis, we can offer you precise information and reports on: technical specifications of the vehicles, vehicle acquisitions, maintenance, vehicle allocation and reallocation, the wear level, replacement cars, operations, fuel consumption, risk management of the related financial operations, data management using our IT solutions.


Besides this analysis of fleet activity where we identify strengths and weaknesses, we offer possible solutions for improving weaknesses and also a plan of actions needed, as well as assistance necessary during the implementation of the chosen solutions.

Car Policy

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We have the necessary experience to support you in creating and implementing a car policy specific to your fleet needs.


We can develop for you methodologies and procedures in case of an accident, info for users, fuel consumption, vehicle usage policies according to various desiderata. In a word all that drivers who have a company car should know, do or not to do.

Defensive Driving

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We have the necessary expertise for analyzing the risks related to the use of vehicles, and we also propose solutions to minimize these risks such as: safe driving management, courses for users with less experience, regular courses for both experienced and beginner users, prevention of accidents by educating users, ways to prevent problems arising from improper usage of the vehicles.

Car Purchasing

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We can offer you support for choosing the vehicles that meet your needs, considering the safety, comfort and cost parameters.


We sort out the specific requirements of your fleet and we assist you in negotiating better procurement conditions for acquisition so that we can obtain advantageous solutions for your fleet.


We offer support in substantiating your decision on identifying the best purchasing solutions for your fleet, whether it is a direct purchase or a financial or operational leasing acquisition.


In order to take such a decision, you need an independent expert who has a very good knowledge of the local market and identifies opportunities that exist in relation to each of the existing suppliers in the local market.